Motorcycle Tyres

Pirelli | Metzeler | Bridgestone | Michelin

Motorcycle Tyres are an investment. They help keep you and your bike on the road and performing at your best. You spend a fortune fitting crash protection to your bike, but the best crash protection is making sure that you always have Fresh Tyres fitted to your motorcycle! Not only do they keep you and your bike safe, but a good set of tyres will inspire confidence and simply make your motorcycling experience more fun…

Why Change your Motorcycle Tyres..?

  • Tyres are cheap compared to crash damage!
  • A good set of tyres will transform your bikes handling.
  • Tyre technologies are constantly evolving – newer compounds have better grip & better wear!
  • Fresh tyres inspire confidence & a confident rider is a happy and fast rider.

What Brands of Tyres do you Stock..?

At Flitwick Motorcycles we keep a huge range of Motorcycle Tyres in stock, including Pirelli, Metzeler, Bridgestone, Michelin & more in all the latest treads. If you want something a little out of the ordinary then give us a call – we can get most Motorcycle Tyres here within a couple of days!

Can you Fit my Tyres..?

Yes. Flitwick Motorcycles offer a professional fitting and balancing service at affordable rates, either to the bike or to a set of loose wheels. So if you want your Motorcycle Tyres fitting for you then give us a call today to get booked in! Alternatively we are happy to just supply the tyres if you would rather get them fitted yourself.

Can’t Get Here..?

Don’t worry! We also supply tyres through our online store at the same great prices, posted directly to your door!

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