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Here in the UK a Motorcycle Helmet is the only bit of riding gear you are required to wear by law. Now obviously we would recommend that you go above and beyond when it comes to protecting the rest of your body, but it is true that your head is the most important part to look after… without a head the rest of you isn’t much use! Here at Flitwick Motorcycles we stock a huge range of Motorcycle Helmets to fit all sizes of head and budget.

What Brands of Motorcycle Helmet do you Stock..?

Flitwick Motorcycles are suppliers of AGV, HJC, Spada, Caberg, Shoei and Shark motorcycle helmets, so we should have something in stock that is the right fit for you. We do keep a large range of sizes and graphics, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, or would like to order another size or colour, then please just ask – we order from our suppliers on a weekly basis and can usually get something here within a few days.

Why Should I Change my Helmet..?

Helmets don’t last forever! Depending on the construction shells can degrade with time, linings will deteriorate with usage and even your head can change. Most helmet manufactures recommend changing your helmet every 4-6 years and whilst your useage, storage and care specifics can effect this figure a little, generally speaking this is a good guideline. Deterioration aside, helmet manufacturers are pushing on with the development of their product all the time. Pin-Locks and Sun-Visors have been the most recognised advancements in recent years, but helmets are continuously getting lighter, quieter and ultimately more comfortable and safer, giving you even more reasons to change your helmet regularly!

Why Do Helmets Vary in Price So Much..?

Firstly, if you spend less money you are not necessarily buying a sub-standard level of protection. Whilst there are helmets out there that definitely don’t meet an acceptable standard of safety, all of the Helmets we offer at Flitwick Motorcycles exceed the European Safety standards and all of our staff would be happy to pull them onto their heads! What you do get as you spend more money, is an increase in specification and features, helmets get lighter and more compact, whilst the ventilation and noise insulation tend to improve. The construction of the outer shell also changes as the price increases – an improvement not from a safety point of view, but from a weight and longevity perspective. More expensive helmets tend to be hand-made, allowing the quality and uniqueness of the finish to be more refined.

Do You Offer a Fitting Service..?

Yes, at Flitwick Motorcycles all of our staff are able to offer advice and guidance in order to ensure that you purchase a helmet that is a comfortable and safe fit. As a Shoei Service centre we are also able to offer maintenance, spare parts and fit-refinements (i.e. thinner or thicker cheek pads and skull caps) for all Shoei Motorcycle Helmets.

Do I Have to Come In-Store..?

No! If you are happy that you know your size we also offer the same helmets at the same great prices delivered to your door. Visit our online store to order today.

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