Coronavirus update- Use of Masks

Hi all. Firstly, thank you each and every one for the custom and support you have given us since our reopening. To say that we really appreciate it and are grateful is an understatement, we are so happy to see old and new faces again.

An update on the way forward, and the moveable feast that are the Covid -19 safe rules.

As I am sure you have all seen or heard by now, the wearing of “face coverings or masks” becomes compulsory from the 24th July whilst visiting retail shops.

We want you all to be as comfortable as possible with this and would appreciate it if you could pop one on as you arrive, perhaps whilst using the sanitiser as you enter the shop.

If you forget yours or do not possess one do not panic. We have some Yamaha neck tubes/ coverings available, which for a small donation of a min of 0.75p to the air ambulance fund ( we have a charity tin for them) you can have one on arrival to keep…the added bonus is they are also perfect for keeping your neck warm whilst riding, and are easily washable.

Of course, those of you that have a medical condition that would make wearing one difficult or children under 11 are exempt.

We appreciate your understanding, and hope with your efforts this thing will be a thing of the past in the not too distant future.

Happy biking and see you all soon.

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