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Flitwick motorcycles have a long association with the racing world. Steve Linsdell, owner has raced motorcycles on the track and road since 1979, specialising in more recent years at the challenging Isle of Man  Manx Grand Prix road races.

We have been proud to sponsor many riders over the years including Matt Llewellyn, Nigel "Cap" Davies, and Fernando Mendes .

Olie Linsdell, 27 year old son of Steve and Carole currently competes under the Flitwick Motorcycles banner,  competing at top level in the the major Road races, North West 200, Isle of man TT, and Ulster Grand Prix.

In 2007, At the age of only 19, he took his first win at the North West 200, and two decisive wins at his Debut at the Manx Grand prix, on the challenging TT circuit. He also holds the world record for the biggest winning margin on the Island circuit.

For 2016, we continue our support of Olie, who will compete in both classic and selected modern races, under the Umbrella of Team Flitwick Motorcycles.

25 year old David Linsdell, Steve and Caroles' youngest Son competes with the Classic Motorcycle Club, and for 2016 will ride a Camier framed 500 Yamaha.


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It had been a long hard winter, with many hours spent in raising sponsorship to enable Olie our rider to compete on the roads with a full complement of Yamaha machinery.
We were delighted to welcome on board new major sponsor for 2010 Steve Bond from Bonds of Windsor, and welcome back existing major Sponsors SMV engineering and Wheeler Electrical. Without their involvement this year things were looking grim. However, Olie was now able to have at his disposal a trio of Yamaha machinery, SMV Flitwick Yamaha Supersport 600, Wheeler electrical Flitwick Yamaha Superstock 1000 R1, and Bonds Flitwick Yamaha Superbike R1.
Steve burned the midnight oil to prepare the bikes, with the new Superbike only being ready a few days before Scarborough Spring Cup.
Scarborough proved a good cobweb clearer, and then on to Cookstown in Northern Ireland, taking just the Supersport and Superbike machinery.
As with all race bikes, set up and testing is essential, and it was fair to say that the Superbike showed handling and power issues. The Yamaha Supersport proved itself once more a well set up bike.

On returning from Cookstown Steve found that the new forks in the Superbike needed re-gassing on one side, and some of the handling issues were clearly attributable to that- the team would have to get these sorted at the North west 200, where K-tech would be in attendance. Meanwhile, with less than two weeks to go Steve stripped the Superbike engine and made some mods’, to improve power. The newly painted body work was fitted and logo’s, and then it was off to the North West for the first of the three major road race meetings.

First practice evening was on the Tuesday, the Supersport session went well, and after gearing up, Olie qualified 13th overall. The Superbike still had major handling problems, despite fork rebuild, and although the power was better, it was clear that it might struggle against the all new BMW's. Due to several incidents, the Superstock session was cancelled. The Weather was bitter cold and windy, but dry, which meant it was hard to assess tyre choices, but speed trap time were good due to a tail wind.
The Team were flat out trying to get the Superbike sorted, another trip to K-tech saw us changing both front and rear springs to the forks and rear shock, and with the invaluable help of Richard from Maxton, we were able to change settings to hopefully improve the weaving issue.

For the first time The North west was to include a Thursday afternoon practice session, instead of the traditional evening only session, so we were hopeful of getting all three bikes sorted and qualified. The Superstock session was first out. The Weather was cloudy and dry, but with strong cross winds. The bike handled well, but again it was clear that the R1 stocker would struggle on power against the all new BM, and lighter weight machinery from Kawasaki.
In the Supersport session, we got some settings for race day, and were happy with the bike, being in the top ten through the speed trap.
The Superbike session was a disaster, being split into two sessions following incidents in the first, and the second cut to only 10 minutes following Steve Platers’ highside crash. We could make no gearing changes, and Olie only managed three laps, so he would start from 24th on the grid, at the head of the second wave.
Race day dawned bright, but unfortunately quickly clouded over, with heavy rain falling making the track very wet. The start of the first race, the Superbike saw delays on the grid, to allow for an improvement in weather, and more drizzly rain. All teams were changing from slicks to intermediates, some a mix, some wets- a warm up lap was followed by yet further delays. Eventually the race was cut to just 4 laps, and declared a wet race. Olie got a good start, and came round in 18th on the first lap. With a few swaps, this is where he finished, the first of the 09 cross plane crank R1's.
The first Supersport race saw Olie dicing with Ian Lougher and Adrian Archibald, with Archy just crossing the line ahead of Olie, when our bike ran out of fuel just before the finish. Beating Ian Lougher, Bruce Anstey, and lapping faster than Archibald and Dan Kneen the result was a good one.
In the Superstock 1000 race, Olie pulled up to 19th by the third lap, from 24th on the grid, only to run out of Petrol at York corner on lap 4. Once again Indian and African elephants cost us a DNF (sorry Merv, couldn’t resist it!)
The Feature race, North West 200 Superbike, was again shortened to only 4 laps, following two incidents on the course and threatening weather. Olie finished in 18th place, the first Yamaha across the line.
The final race, Supersport two, again shortened to 4 laps, saw Olie dicing with Dan Kneen, Ian Lougher, and Gary Johnson, pulling up to 12th by the third lap. However, Dan managed to slip stream Olie at the end of the final lap, crossing the line ahead of him, and Olie had to settle for 13th, Finishing ahead of Gary Johnson and Adrian Archibald.
All in all, not a bad North West 200, and a good start before the Isle of Man TT- see you there!

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