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Flitwick motorcycles have a long association with the racing world. Steve Linsdell, owner has raced motorcycles on the track and road since 1979, specialising in more recent years at the challenging Isle of Man  Manx Grand Prix road races.

We have been proud to sponsor many riders over the years including Matt Llewellyn, Nigel "Cap" Davies, and Fernando Mendes .

Olie Linsdell, 27 year old son of Steve and Carole currently competes under the Flitwick Motorcycles banner,  competing at top level in the the major Road races, North West 200, Isle of man TT, and Ulster Grand Prix.

In 2007, At the age of only 19, he took his first win at the North West 200, and two decisive wins at his Debut at the Manx Grand prix, on the challenging TT circuit. He also holds the world record for the biggest winning margin on the Island circuit.

For 2016, we continue our support of Olie, who will compete in both classic and selected modern races, under the Umbrella of Team Flitwick Motorcycles.

25 year old David Linsdell, Steve and Caroles' youngest Son competes with the Classic Motorcycle Club, and for 2016 will ride a Camier framed 500 Yamaha.


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Archive racing news 03 January 2005
All older racing news articles listed below.


Lydden Hill – First outing on the Triumph 675!

After the up’s and downs of Brands a few weeks previous, The team were looking forward to Lydden MRO meeting, the week-end of the 24th/25th March 2007. It was an ideal opportunity for Olie to start getting used to the new 675 that T3-Racing was busy building for us, ready for his appearances at the Northwest 200, Manx GP and selected Triumph young guns rounds. Both Forza extreme and SS600 were chosen meaning nearly 100 laps over the two days!- Just as well that Olie has fitness trained over the winter months!

The weekend started badly before it even begun with the bike failing to materialise. Tony Scott (T3 Racing) was kind enough to loan his press bike on a ‘you bend it you mend it basis’, to fill the gap, assuring us it just needed a check over, and was okay to race. The weekend started with Saturday morning dawning to some of the most miserable conditions Olie had ever raced in. Freezing cold, fog, light drizzle and sometimes even sleet- shades of the Isle of Man Olie! Thinking it couldn't get any worse, Sharpy and Olie joined the Scruitineering queue, to find that the bike was fitted with wrong brake lines for racing and they must be changed. A frantic search of the paddock found and a new set was sourced and fitted. By this time Olie had missed both practice sessions and the first SS600 qualifying session. His first ride on the 675 would be in the 9 lap Forza extreme race….

Starting from the back of the grid ( no previous Forza race to go on) the race passed quickly and without a problem. One thing Olie quickly found was that the 675’s engine was brilliant and on another level to the R6 he rode last year: far easier to get off the line than anything else he had ever ridden. Next up was SS600 qualifying number two. Still getting to grips with the bike and only getting in half a session before the rain worsened, Olie ending up 17th on the grid. As this is the first time Olie had ridden the bike, and with only one qualifying session out of two, the team was reasonably satisfied with this. The rest of the day past with improvements being made in every session, 13th in the SS600 super-pole race and an 11th in the wet Forza race against 1000cc competition. Hoping for either a dry day or a completely wet one on Sunday, none of this in between stuff, Olie was looking forward to really start to learn the bike and put in some solid results.

Our prayers were answered when blue skies and bright sunshine greeted us on Sunday morning. Practice went well being sixth fastest in both sessions. Some small adjustments were made to the suspension after some advice from Steve Jordan and onto the first race of the day, in the Forza.
The bike felt good and Olie managed to really start testing the handling qualities of the new 675, with the results being positive, producing a 6th place finish from 11th on the grid. Next up came the tougher SS600 race, against bikes with the same favourable handling and tuned to produce about 20bhp on top of the standard 675. Starting from 17th on the grid Olie fought up to 11th, right behind another 675 ridden by Ricky Chadwick who has done a lot of testing. We were pleased to see a lap time of 43.5s and Olie was confident he could break into the top ten with a better grid position.

In between races there was much deliberation on whether or not to change the rear tyre that was feeling rather second hand by the end of the 600 race. In the end it was decided to sit it out without changing, as the objective was track time, not results.
The second Forza race was an exciting one that saw our rider battle with Andrew Burke on an R1. His bike just had the legs on the 675 that made any pass a ‘lunge’. Olie spent the whole race showing him the 675 front wheel, forcing his way up the inside, only to be leant on and have the door closed time and time again! The end result was 7th, but much closer to the leaders, only 7 seconds.

By the time the last race came around the rear tyre was well and truly past its best and Olie was just trying to do as well as he could in the final ten lap SS600 race. A good start and race saw him make a last gasp pass on the final time around the hairpin to get the top ten place he had hoped for.
So a very promising start on the loaned machine- with our own machine, set up to our riders spec and with the up-rated suspension, we are confident that the results will come.

All in all it was a pleasing weekend coming away with 14 SS600 points on a standard bike and 24 in Forza against 1000cc machines. Not too shabby on a bike Olie hadn’t swung his leg over before Saturday morning… !

Next up is Snetterton for the first round of the Triumph young guns on the 14/15th April and then on to Pembrey on the Paton for Easter weekend to start our national 500 challenge. Bring it on!

Lightweight Olie back on form at Brands

Our rider, Olie was back for the 2007 season at the BMRCB/MRO championship opening round 10th/11th March at Brands Hatch, aboard the Flitwick Yamaha FZR400RRSP on which he had his North west 200 success in 2006.
This was a warm up in preparation for his assault on one of the Fabulous Paton 500 classic machines in the CRMC club championship, and the supersport 600 championship rounds at the BMRC/MRO rounds, on the wheeler electrical 675 Triumph. The weekend was the warmest so far this year, and perfect racing conditions.
In the first round of the season, grid positions are not based on practice times, so even though Olie qualified in 3rd place, he started the first race on Saturday on the sixth row of the grid.
We were therefore please that he finished in a very creditable 12th place.
Our delight turned however to consternation after the race, when all machines were weighed- the new 2007 superbike rules for BMCRC now have a weight limit, and we discovered that, following Steve's obsessive lightening before the North West, the bike is now 3 kilos underweight!
A very upset Olie was therefore excluded from the results "due to a technical infringement".
It was decided that the weight would be added back by the cable tying of a very heavy (6-kilo) security chain under the seat, and this was done before the second race of the day. However, when lining up, at the back of the grid, the organisers said he could not ride, because he had not heard them calling him on the tannoy!
Sunday was another day. Due to the exclusion, Olie still had to start from the back row of the grid, but he fought his way up to 10th pace during the 8-lap race.
Starting on the 3rd row for race two, Olie pushed his way up to 7th place, with only .47 of a second separating him from the 6th place man. Setting the fastest lap of the race, at 51.698s, it proved Olie is no lightweight!
We are now looking forward to the next round at Lydden, weekend of 24/25th March, where Olie rides his new Triumph 675 out for the first time in the Supersport 600.
See you there.

Olie rides 675 Triumph

We are pleased to announce that our rider Olie will be campaigning a Triumph 675 at selected rounds of Bemsee/MRO meetings, in the supersport 600 class and Triumph Young guns rounds, plus North west 200 and Manx grand prix.
Riding the Wheeler electrical Hanson Triumph, he flies the flag for all of us at Flitwick aboard this fabulous British machine.
We are currently waiting delivery of our all new race prepared machine from T3 racing, so the first round at Lydden week-end 24/25th March sees Olie on one of T3's own 675's- thanks to the generosity of Tony Scott.
Watch this news section for the results.

Linsdell Senior set to race exotic GP machine in Senior TT 02.03.2007

Our rider, Steve Linsdell will ride an exotic 500cc GP machine in this year’s Senior TT, lining up on one of the last 500cc two-stroke machines ever built for Grand Prix competition.

The TT stalwart, who has stepped on to the podium on no less than seven occasions, has beemn offered one of the unique Paton machines that scored points in the 2000 500cc GP season and his decision to race the machine will give the prestigious Centenary event a distinct, and unique, Italian flavour. Two stroke enthusiasts will also take delight in hearing the shrill sound of the four-cylinder machine around the Mountain Course.

The Paton marque is no stranger to TT competition and after Pepe Pattoni built his very first machine in 1958, numerous riders competed on his bikes including the one and only Mike Hailwood whilst Fred Stevens also enjoyed success during the 1960’s on his 500cc version. What Pattoni lacked in money he more than made up with passion and he single handedly designed, built and developed his machines, which included 125cc, 250cc, 350cc and 500cc four strokes, before moving into two-stroke design in the late 70’s. Linsdell’ s 500cc version is similar in design to that of the all-conquering NSR500 Honda and, indeed, Mr Honda himself always took interest in the work of his fellow enthusiast and engineer.

Speaking about his decision to race the machine Linsdell said:

“This is a fantastic project to be involved in and, having enjoyed the support of owner Giovanni Cabbassi, my sponsor and during the last three Manx Grand Prix’s, I am delighted to have the opportunity to race the 500cc machine at this year’s event, the entrant for 2007 being "Collezione Motociclisica Milanese" Giovannis new Motorcycle museum in Milan.
Roberto Pattoni, son of Pepe Pattoni is also fully committed to the project and I am confident we will give a very good account of ourselves with a bike of great interest. I know that I’m not going to win the race, and have no thoughts in doing so, but we will not get in the way and I am firmly aiming at achieving my first 120mph lap. I would not be happy with anything less and delighted with more!”

Watch this space for news as it unfolds

Classic debut and rostrum for Olie at Croft- 14/10/2006

Following on from his Virgin R6 cup championship ride, Olie was delighted to be offered the chance to ride one of the fabulous Italian Paton 500's by Steve's good friend and Sponsor Giovanni Cabbassi in the Classic racing clubs championship, week-end 7th-8th October.
Having never ridden a classic style bike before, a test run at Mallory park was arranged, with Olie coming away with a smile on his face! The Paton is no ordinary classic, based on the championship winning Paton of yesteryear, they are engineering masterpieces. Precision hand build, and beautiful in every way, with a sound that knocks you on your back!
Olie was surprised to find that it compared very favourably with the 400 Yamaha ridden in 2005, which was more than capable of winning in the MRO Supersport 400 series.
The event was a two day one, with both Saturday and Sunday racing at the challenging north Yorkshire circuit.
Up against series leaders Lea Gourlay and Steve Tomes, Olie was understandably nervous of the opposition, and the fact that Alan Oversby, a Manx grand prix winner was also in the same races, did nothing to dispel these feelings!
With practice out of the way, and grid positions based on championship points, Olie found himself starting on the last row of the grid, around 31st!
With a good start, Olie soon cut through the field, and finished in a creditable 8th place. With the bit between his teeth, the remaining races of the weekend were based on finishing places on this result, so he was please to move up the starting grid!
With the lightweight manoeuvrable and fast Paton suiting his riding style, Olie found that improvement came fast, and two thirds and a second place were the final results.
Lining up for the award giving, Olie looked relaxed and at home with the bike, perhaps the start of a new love affair, watch out for news as it unfolds.

Steve takes Second in the Manx gp Senior Classic-30/08/2006

Race day at last! Monday dawned cloudy very windy but dry, with the newcomers due out in the morning, and the Senior Classic scheduled to start at 13.15.
Late night preparation had seen the fuel tank capacity checked and double-checked, and every nut and bolt tightened and lockwired where needed. The engine had been stripped and checked on Sunday, and all looked good for the race.
Steve had the choice of disc brakes or drum, but had only practised on the drum- despite the discs being legal, there was a feeling that the drums were more in keeping. It was decided therefore not to swap, but race as is.
Steve was number 2, and was to start first, along side Alan Oversby, who had qualified second, with Chris Palmer on the Warmsley Manx 10 second behind on number 4, fastest in practice.
A new flagman gave a very limp flag wave- Steve was not sure if it was a twitch- so Oversby got away ahead of Steve.
Catching Alan up just before Ramsey, Steve took the lead on the road, with Chris close behind. Alan outbraked Steve at the hairpin, and got ahead again, but very quickly Steve was horrified to be covered in oil as Oversby’s bike started to give up. Unable to get past for fear of oil now getting on Alan’s tyres, or even see where he was going, Steve sat behind and indicated to the Marshal’s that the Manx Norton was chucking oil out. Alan was black-flagged, but not before Chris had caught Steve up, and managed to gain a lead of 11 sec’s.
Swapping places on lap two Steve managed to trim Chris’s lead down by 6 sec’s, but Chris pushed past at the braking points again, taking advantage of his newly fitted discs!
Approaching the line for the third time, the commentary on the radio was already stating that Steve and the Paton would have to stop for fuel. The pit crew was ready – so there was a gasp as Steve roared through the start finish line for the start of lap 4, at over 124 mph.
A nail biting final lap, with rain falling at Glen Helen had the team in the grandstand on their feet as the fantastic sound of two classic machines could be heard approaching the finish line. With over 150 miles of racing Chris had taken the flag ahead of Steve by just over 18 seconds, Steve ahead of third place man, Derek Whalley some 57 seconds down.
A few seconds later the heavens opened at the Grandstand, so all other finishers and spectators were soaked- we reckon our talk with the fairies in the morning had made sure that our man had a relatively dry race!
Steve was delighted to learn that he had once again taken the fastest lap of the race, at 105.668, and the Milnes Trophy.
Our thanks go to Giovanni, Roberto, Mervyn, Steve Bond, Shed Hurrell, and everyone who cheered, supported and partied with us at the King William college- without you all it would not have been possible.
See you next year!

Last Manx practice gremlins!- 26/08/2006

Saturday 26th- the final practice before the race on Monday. With only one uninterrupted session under his belt, Steve and the team spent the day in careful preparation of the number one bike.
Having used both machines, despite the better clutch and tuned engine, Steve felt more at home on the first bike.
With a better fuel consumption, and the oil cooler, it was felt that there was a better chance of finishing the race.
There was a big discussion regarding fuel, and it was decided to try for two laps with a very careful measure of Elephants in the tank, and to fit the bigger race tank for the race day. The rules are that a tank must hold no greater than 24 litres of fuel, so it was still likely to be tight.
A party to celebrate the arrival of the final gang (now numbering 30) was scheduled for the evening, so Steve was in a hurry- particularly as the Chef extrodinare from Italy was cooking!
When Steve was overdue at the grandstand, we knew something was wrong, then a phone call from Steve confirmed he had stopped, due to the gearchange pin coming loose and disappearing. Even with the best preparation some things still work loose on the bumpy 37-mile circuit!
Determined to get back to the paddock, Steve was delighted when a nearby Manx resident offered to find a bolt for him to use, and even cut it down to size – what a star.
So the final lap of Steve’s practice saw a very slow 42.67-mph, and a lap time of 53' 03.27- only 6 minutes under 16 year old Sons David’s lap of 59 mins on his DT50!
So a quick change in the paddock and off to the party- Elephant counting had to wait till Sunday!

Another practice session, another Diesel spill at the Manx-24/08/2006

Thursday was a warmer day, and Scheduled evening practice was due to go off on time. Steve’s sponsors from Italy, Giovanni Cabbassi and Roberto Patoni, plus support team and chef, arrived in the afternoon in time to watch practice.
Imagine the paddock response to the news that once again the SAME bus had spread diesel on the racing line! So another late start, and no chance to test for more than one lap due to very low sun.
Steve managed to lap at 102.26, second fastest of the evening, but was by now beginning to worry about the fuel issue. The big Manx Norton’s and Hondas would not need to stop, and Steve and the Paton would be at a disadvantage if they were forced to do so.
With the weather forecast for Fridays practice not good, it looked likely that all the final testing would hinge on Saturdays final session- so no pressure then!
On a lighter note, David got his GCSE results at 12.30 that night, courtesy of Shed (pit man and good friend)- 4 A's, 6 B's AND a C- Well done Dave!

Third Manx practice delayed by diesal spill-23/08/2006

The third practice session was delayed by over 30 minutes due to diesel spilled on the racing line by a bus! It had been announced the evening before that the remainder of the practice evenings would run the classics in the last session, to ensure that the quicker modern bikes would not catch the slower of the classic riders.
As the nights are drawing in, any delay in the first session has a knock on effect in the second- low sun, and colder wetter conditions. By the time the session begun, there was rain in the air, and the sun was dropping.
Steve lapped at 100.42 from a standing start, 4th fastest of the evening, stopping to top up the fuel to ensure two laps of qualifying.
Practice at manx 2nd Session-22/08/2006

With the Monday practice disrupted by the lack of petrol (elephants) Steve and Team were determined to try for a flying lap on the number two bike, which means three laps. This would also give us the opportunity to test the Elephant capacity. The session was the 2nd of the night, and the team put both bikes through scrutineering quickly to ensure a quick start.
The bikes had both been set up on the Dyno, and were ready for action- and Steve was looking forward to the ride. With the newcomers and modern classes out first, the second session was due to start at 8.10, and went off on time. Unfortunately the unpredictable Manx weather caused mist to suddenly drop over the mountain, making it impossible for the helicopter to fly, and without it, it was unsafe to continue.
The riders were flagged down at Ramsey, and escorted back by Travelling Marshals- so one lap only, and Steve averaged an amazing 55.64 mph- certainly not a "flyer"!
Roll on Wednesday!

Practice at the Manx part one-21/08/2006

Following on from the trial runs in Ireland, A huge amount of time and preparation saw Steve leave for the Isle of man Manx grand prix a very tired man.
With the engine from the main Paton Bic 500 having been sent back to Italy for testing, only 10 days were left to complete mods and rebuild the bike to Isle of man standards, before the sailing on the 17th August.
In addition to the original Italian beauty, a second Test rolling chassis and engine arrived a few weeks before the event, courtesy of Steve’s amazing and generous sponsor Giavanni Cabbassi. So a very tight schedule of preparation and building was necessary to ensure that it would cope with the demands of the Island - truly the toughest test for any race machine and racer.
Steve had entered the Senior classic race, scheduled for Bank holiday Monday 30th August, determined to show that he and the Paton were the ones to watch, and was leaving nothing to chance. Mods to the number one machine included the fitting of a custom-made oil cooler, to help with the demanding mountain course.
Main Practice was cancelled due to inclement weather on the Saturday, so the team was looking forward to Monday to see how man and machine would perform.
Steve and his good friend and top notch mechanic "swerving Mervyn" had checked over every inch of the bikes, and son David had cleaned the bikes to within and inch of their lives- and the plan was to run the new test Paton first, to see how it compared. With the addition of a slipper clutch and engine upgrades, Steve was looking forward to the night.
Carole and further additions to the ever-swelling Linsdell/Paton fan club arrived on the Monday afternoon, just in time to join Steve, Merv and David on the journey to the paddock. There is only evening practice now on the Island, due to marshal and police restrictions, and the session was due to start at 7.15.
A measured amount of petrol was used in the tank, equalling last years requirements for two laps- it’s important to ensure that the bikes do not run out of “elephants” or the game is quickly over!
With the evening perfect for practice, Steve set off at a cracking pace, and put in a first lap opener of 101 mph, and 2nd fastest of the evening. However, a phone call from Steve after 13 min into the second lap revealed that he had a dry tank- stopping at Rhen Cullen with absolutely no Elephants at all! This was not good news as that part of the circuit can only be reached when the roads open. A bit of “Rallying” in the van took us fairly close, and Steve and machine, plus a hungry team arrived back in Douglas just in time to find the cafes and Restaurants closing at 9.30! After a frantic dash along the front, fish and chip café was found, and Mervs stomach finally stopped rumbling!
Looking forward to the next practice session!

Croft Success for Olie-21/08/2006

With a juggling of competitors in the R6 cup since Oulton Park - four riders leaving, and another four joining - the next round was always going to turn out differently to previous meetings. Croft is a good circuit, with a mix of challenging corners and straights, and Olie had few inhibitions to be riding there. With the weather threatening, but luckily staying dry, he rode the Free Practice well, finishing in 10th place with a time of 1:32.946.
Over the afternoon, the state of the weather declined, leaving the R6 boys qualifying in decidedly damp conditions. However, Olie managed a decent time (1:32.026), despite struggling through the first sector. On the final lap, he was doing well, with the first two sectors being his fastest so far, before a near high side in the complex caused him to abandon the lap, with only luck keeping him on the bike. This was much to the entertainment of the marshals, who gave me him round of applause when he next came through!

Waking up on Sunday morning to horrible weather, after a wet and windy night, we half-expecting delays in the schedule due to flooding of the track, notorious at Croft. Luckily, the sun began to come out, as warm up got closer. Pre-warm up warnings from Rob McElenea stopped the boys doing anything silly, leaving it as a wobble round the track, drawing no conclusions. The R6 cup riders are usually supplied with a new rear tyre on race day, but the decision was made to forego this, as there was no opportunity to scrub them in due to the bad weather.

After a good start, in damp conditions, Olie failed to force his way through in the opening stages, ending up trapped for the first 3 laps of the race. However, once he got the bit between his teeth, and regrouped, he realised he could catch Simon Deaville. Olie gained 7 seconds in 5 laps on Deaville – pretty impressive riding to watch, and finishing in 9th position and only a few hundreds of a second adrift.

This was Olies best race of the year, A great day, after grotty weather!
Due to my Steve's s preparation for the Isle of Man TT and Sharpie’s holiday, Olie had no team support until Saturday night. However his girlfriend arrived in the pouring rain after a four-hour train journey to keep him company- isn't love grand!
Our thanks to Graham and Fran for driving the lorry all the way up to Yorkshire!

Improvements and a finish for Olie at Oulton Park-26/07/2006

For once, traditional British weather held back, and team Hanson and the BSB boys were able to have a whole race meeting at Oulton Park with no rain.
Olie has always enjoyed this circuit, despite his my fall there earlier in the season, having lapped faster than ever before at this circuit on the second and third laps of the race before my accident.
Qualifying was not fantastic for Olie, with his tyres gaining more and more wear with every lap. He promised himself he'd do better the next day.
Warm up the next morning was a different ball game, and Olie felt good. After a good track walk with Rob McElenea the previous evening, he'd managed to pick up a few pointers to improve on, and he rode with renewed confidence, and finished convinced that I could ride faster in the race.
That afternoon, he rode a promising race, finding good space and time. The end result was a much improved lap time of 1:48.704, and a finish of 11th place.

A great improvement on Knockhill, the team and Olie are extremely pleased with his progress; and are looking forward to Croft, on the 11th-13th August- a long way to go, but if you can make it see you there!.

Hard knocks at Knockhill part two!- 18/07/2006

Olie was slightly apprehensive about returning to Knockhill – it would be the first time since his nasty fall in the MRO Supersport 400 last year, after which he needed pins in his wrist and hand after breaking it. Olie liked the circuit before his spill, but struggled to remember it, as it’s too far to visit for track days.

On the most part, qualifying was a satisfying session. However, after coming in with three minutes to go, Steve informed Olie that he needed to gain 0.3secs in order to catch McDougall who was running just in front.
With this in mind, Olie upped his game and took 0.6secs off his best lap time, jumping ahead of McDougall to qualify in 13th place.

A chat on Saturday evening with Dave Paton gave Olie a few tips to reduce his time, David having qualified in Pole at this his home circuit.
Warm Up went well, after cutting his time in the first sector, Olie I was 5th fastest through the last, and 8th overall - a great improvement. It was a good session, leaving him with high hopes for the race later that day.

However, these ambitions were soon dashed by a race that can only be described, in Olies' own words, as "rubbish"! Getting a really bad start meant that he was stuck behind other struggling riders for the remainder of the race, finishing frustrated and in 13th place.
Next round at Oulton park on the week-end of 21st-23rd July- please come if you can, as Olie needs all the support you can give.

Top ten finish for Olie at Snetterton-18/06/2006

Following a very disappointing result at Mallory Park in the Virgin Mobile R6 cup, Olie was determined to improve his placing with the Snetterton round on the 18th June.
He had taken his test Yamaha R6R to Brands Indy on the Monday, to get some much-needed practice in before the weekend racing.
Having been working hard at his A level exams, plus job interviews and duties at Flitwick motorcycles, he has had very little time to spend on his track time since his return from Ireland and the North west 200.
The top runners in the cup were definitely benefiting from addition club racing between BSB rounds, and the gap was widening. Free practice went well, with all top 15 within 1.5 sec’s of the top speeds- but Olie had some technical difficulties in the set up during qualifying, and a 17th place was all that was achieved.
Despondency set in when another back row start was confirmed, but an excellent home produce meal, cooked and grown by the multi faceted Sharpy, and a drink in the evening helped to restore calm.
With Sunday race day dawning in perfect race conditions, Olie was fired up and looking forward to the start.
A first lap multi coming together of the third row lads allowed Olie to push forward past the melee, and he settled down in twelfth place. Riding well he pushed into 11th place, gaining his lead steadily on Simon Deaville, in 12th, and ahead of James Rose, who rejoined the race after a spill at the Esses on lap two.
With a last lap tumble for two of the front runners on the last lap, Olie finished in 9th position, and gained 7 pts- a very pleasing Fathers day result for his Dad Steve!
Next round is the British Grand Prix Donington Park - 30 Jun - 02 Jul 2006, when the cuppers get a taste of the big time- to find out what goes on, watch this space!

Olie in the Mallory doldrums-06/06/2006

A month has passed since Olie last raced his Yamaha R6R in the Virgin Mobile cup, and that’s a very long time in racing. Although he had crashed out at Oulton Park, progress had been made, and he was itching to get back onboard the 600 race Yamaha.
With his success at the Northwest 200 ringing in his ears, Olie was looking forward to the challenge of the tight Leicestershire circuit- the first time for the BSB racers since the new layout and chicane were introduced at Mallory.
Practice proved difficult- Olie found it harder than expected to adjust back to the R6R characteristics after the 400 in Ireland- a bike he had learnt well in 2005. It was clear from the outset that some of the R6 cup young riders had sharpened their riding since Oulton, and Olie qualified in a very disappointing 17th position, some 2.6 sec’s behind the pole position time.
Conscience that another spill was definitely not the required result, Olie was pleased during race day warm up to improve his time by over a second, and was 11th fastest during the session.
Mallory is a very difficult place to pass on, and Olie had his work cut out during the race to fight from the back row of the grid.
Coming over the first lap start finish in 18th place, it was difficult to see how a result could be achieved. However Olie managed to pull back two places into 16th place, closing the gap on the 15th place runner, the final points earner of the race, Sam Bishop. Sam managed to hold Olie off, and a 16th place for Olie was the final result.
The team and Olie are now looking forward to Snetterton, and hoping that the Norfolk track will treat him kinder than it did his Dad in October last year- see you all there!

Hill climb David back in style for 2006- but Cadwell track crash puts him out-20/05/2006

For those of you that followed our Technician Davids debut into Hill climb competition and Sprinting last year, he's back this season with another bite at the championship points.
With two rounds already under his belt, and two wins, it's was all looking good for "piecrust" Dave!
However, a bad crash on the Cadwell mountain circuit early June saw the westoning tech out of action with a broken leg, hands and toes- watch this space for updates or visit Davids own site as above for the latest news on his recovery.

Top six placing for Olie at the North West 200!- 13/05/2006

Olie Linsdell, the Flitwick /Hanson Racing backed 18 year olds debut at the North west 200 road races in Ireland ended with an impressive 6th place finish in the 125/400 race, on Saturday 13th May- breaking his run of bad luck this season.
This was the first time that Olie had attempted a pure road race, in his three 1/2 year racing career, and he took to it like a duck to Water.
Olie took time off from his A level revision for a trip across the water, joining his Father Steve to attempt the demanding Irish circuit in county Antrim.
Currently campaigning in the British Superbike support series the Virgin Yamaha R6 Cup for 2006; Olie was keep to learn whether he could follow in his Dads footsteps. Steve has campaigned the "roads" with many Rostrum places in the Isle of Man TT Manx, Ulster GP and North West over the years.
The five lap race covers some 44 miles, with the racers riding in a triangle between Portstewart Portrush, and Coleraine, all through country village and Town locations- not for the faint hearted!
Lapping in a total of 26 mins.50.413secs, with a fastest lap of 101.627, and an average speed of 99.911 MPH, Olie finished the race only 37.801 sec’s behind the leader, the Irish road race hero Robert Dunlop!
Returning this evening on the late boat back to Scotland, no doubt a few beers will be consumed- but back to work on Tuesday Olie!

Top ten qualifier for Olie at the North West 200-12/05/2006

A newcomer to road racing, Olie Linsdell, Flitwicks’ 18 year old rider, has qualified 4th fastest in the Supersport 400 Kennedy International North-west 200, and ninth overall in the 125/400 race.
Having ridden on Tuesday evening for the first time on the demanding road circuit, in the newcomers session, behind the pace car and under the instruction of Phil McCallen, he was looking forward to practice Thursday evening along side his father Steve.
The second scheduled practice session for this race class was cancelled on Tuesday due to several Supersport/Superbike accidents, losing both riders valuable set up and laps.
The weather had improved greatly since Steve’s Tandragee weekend race, and both Tuesday and Thursday practice evening were perfect conditions, very hot and sunny. The 125/400/250 slot was moved from last to first, to ensure that those that didn't get out on Tuesday would get a decent session, so father and son lined up for a 5.30 start.
Together for the first lap, Olie passed his Father quickly when Steve was forced to stop in lap two, due to the engine bolts on his TT Yamaha 400 working their way loose!
Olie put in 8 laps, and was delighted to lap at 99.03 mph, ahead of Chris Palmer on his Lloyds TSB I25, and many other seasoned road racers: less than 1 second behind Robert Dunlop, and 7 secs from the pole position man, way ahead of his Dad!
Roll on Saturday- the young pretender is looking forward to the challenge- look out Steve, Olie's on the charge!

Trials and tribulations for Steve at the Tandragee-10/05/2006

Racing for the first time since his bad crash at Snetterton, Steve took the Paton 500 over the water to Ireland, riding in the Tandragee classic..
The bike had been damaged in the Snetterton off, and Steve was unable to repair it until his foot allowed him to stand, but had returned the engine to Italy for some mods.
The engine was returned with less than a week to spare, and with both his and Olie's Yamaha 400s to fettle, (Olie had not ridden the 400 since his Brands start line accident in October last year) time was very short!
The bikes were ready less than a day before Steve travelled out, with Olie flying out to join his Father on Monday evening (A level course work needed completing!).There was only one practice evening session for this typically Irish traditional race meeting, with the race the next day. Steve needed to try out the Paton and the 400, re-learning the course, set the bikes up and qualify before the light went! . The last time Steve rode this circuit was over 12 years ago, and he was understandably apprehensive as to whether he could remember enough, and if his foot would stand up to the strain. This was to be a test before the Northwest 200 the following week.
The weather had not been kind since arriving, and was very wet and windy for the practice, and as Steve completed his second lap on the Paton, the wind got between the fairing and engine and ripped one half clean off!
Steve had to ride gingerly back in, and hope to retrieve the missing fibreglass after the practice was over. This took some precious time up, and left him with limited time to qualify on the 400. He decided to use Olie’s Yamaha rather than his own, as the settings were more likely to suit this short course. Putting in four additional laps, he finished for the night.
Some very late night repairs were carried out on the Patons fairing, (thankfully retrieved), with the assistance of a very friendly local. Woken from his sleep at gone 11.00 p.m. by Marshall,drinking "hoppo" and Steve’s long term friend in Ireland with whom he was staying- the chap turned out to be a fabricator by trade! Although he had never met Steve before,he immediately set about repairing and re-colouring, and the panel was as new- Thanks!
Steve had qualified 3rd in the 500 class, and was lying in 3rd place in the race when the engine note changed, suddenly becoming much noisier. Fearing another engine blow, as in the Manx, he decided to take it slowly back to the pits, and retire. On investigation it was found that the bung in the exhaust, which covers the diagnostic jack plug in, had somehow blown out, and there was nothing wrong with the engine at all, a relief but disappointing result none the less!
In the 400 race, Steve never managed to get going- although the 3rd 400 home, he finished way down. However, he now knows he can race competitively again, and that his foot will stand it, although his ankle definitely needed a rest before practice on the Tuesday for the Northwest 200.
So time for some Guinness before Olie arrives!

Steve and Olie head to the emerald Isle!-02/05/2006

Following on from the Flitwick father and Son Steve and Olies bad luck tales in racing, this Friday sees them heading over the water to Ireland for the Tangragee and North West 200 race scene.
Steve will be riding the fabulous Paton 500 Italian exotica at the Tangragee for the first time since his bad crash in October, plus the Flitwick Yamaha FZR400RRSP, and both compete against each over at the North-west 200, Olie riding the Flitwick prepared Hanson Racing Yamaha 400.
This is the first time Olie has ridden on the roads, and he is hoping to pick up some tips from Dad Steve's long love affair with pure road racing- with over 10 TT and manx rostrum places to his credit he hopes to show the young pretender a thing or two!
Watch this space for updates as they unfold.

Olie crashes out at Oulton-02/05/2006

The unlucky fairy visited Olie once again at Oulton, with a third DNF in four meetings in the BSB support series Virgin Mobile Yamahaa R6 Cup on May bank holiday Monday.
The week-end had started well with for the Hanson racing backed 18 year old rider putting in good times in the free practice, and the 11th fastest time; and following on with 11th place qualifying position, and a third row place on the grid.
His times were a big leap from his best at the official BSB practice the week before, and the Team were looking forward to a good race- and hoping for a top ten finish.
Only a few tenths of a second seperated the 9th to the 14th places in qualifying, so Olie was confident that he was in with a chance.
Rob Mac took the youngsters on a walk round of the track on the Sunday evening, and as usual gave some useful tips and invaluable advise.
Sunday dawned very cold and wet, there had been torrential rain during the night, and several awnings and tents had blown over-the R6 paddock was pretty muddy- northern weather at it's best!
The riders were all warned to take it easy during the warm up- "scrub the tyres in and no heroics",and Olie followed the rules with a sedatary 16th fastest.
By late morning the clouds were clearing a little, and a few weak rays of sun even broke through a few mins before the R6 cup race was due to start, just before three.
Following Olie's bad crash at Brands last October on the start line, when he was hospitalised with a head injury, he has had problems with getting a clean start this year- but this time he got a flyer, and came through at the end of lap 1 in 12th place, by lap two he was on a charge and up to 11th, chasing the likeable young Scottish rider (Dave Paton) in front hard.
Within a few yards of the 10th place man Olie crossed the line for the 3rd time, tipped the bike into Old hall corner, banging down a couple of gears- and found the Yamaha slipper clutch worked perfectly, i.e with no engine braking- so the front end tucked in and he was off.
A bit bruised , including his much battered pride he returned with the bike in the recovery van to the cup tent- and yet another DNF to his name.
The next R6 cup ride is at Mallory park on the 4th June- Olie needs all your support , so see you there!
Alternatively take a ride over to Ireland for the North West 200- both Olie and his Dad Steve are riding together for the first time this year!

Last lap tumble at Thruxton.- 18/04/2006

After Olie's success at Donington the week-end before, the team arrived at Thruxton with high hopes.
Never having riden at Thruxton before, Olie needed to learn the demanding circuit during free practice, to give him any hope of a good grid position.
The weather was warm (at last) a contrast from Donington when hail , rain and snow was the order of the race day!
We were pleased that his progess saw a big improvement in lap times from the start of practice to the qualifying, and the qualifying showed that the top 16 were all within 3.8 secs of the pole position rider. Olie qualfied in 16th, putting him on the 4th row of the grid.
An evening track walk for the cuppers under Rob Mac's metoring gave Olie some good pointers and advise, and he was confident that he could improve his times on Monday.
Race day warm up proved another leap forward, with olie knocking another 2 second off his best time in qualifying, making him 10th fastest.
A bad start in the race, with another rider cutting across his exit, meant he could not cut through the pack, and the first lap saw him in 16th place.
Getting his head down he moved up to 13th, and all was looking good on the final charge for the finish line. This circit is very abrasive, with many corners, so the tyres were taking a beating- all the cuppers run on Dunlop qualifiers, and are only allowed one set for practice, and a new rear for the warm up and race. As most of the tyresa were completely worn out of Sunday, Robs team and Dunlop took the decision to allow a new front as well, so all the riders wend out on new boots for the warm up.however by last few laps of the race, it was apparent that the tyres were giving up their normally amazing grip. A massive back end slide on the last corner at Church let Devealle through to grab 13th, and also saw David Paton closing the gap on Olie, as they aproached club corner from Woodham Hill.
Dave clipped ollies rear end as the reached the corner, and this was enough to see Olie and Bike tumble, just in front of the club banks, and Carole who was watching. A few of the many watchers on the hill were knocked off their chairs in Caroles charge to the fence, intime to see Olie get up- to the cheers of the crowd.
Olie sustained a bruised elbow and sprained left hand, plus some very second hand leathers, but the Bike sustained far worse- on returning to the Virgin tent, the tech looking after Olies bike glumly counted the damage- tank, fairing, seat brake calipers, forks the list goes on!
David immediately spoke to Olie after- he managed to stay on and finished in 14th- but no grudges held- that's racing, and the two get on very well! The two of them were spotted by channel fives film crew ( filming naturals born racers next series) chatting it over- watch out for the series in 2007 to see what was said!
The Virgin R6 cup rules allows the riders to drop two of their worst race results- no points for guessing which two olie will be forgetting!
Next round is at Oulton park at bank holiday week-end 1st may- see you there!

Points at Donington-09/04/2006

After the bad luck at Brands for the first round of Olies foray into the Virgin Mobile R6 Cup BSB support series, the team set out for Donington in good spirits.
Olie had, with his Dad Steve, taken his test R6 to Silverstone on the monday, and Cadwell on the Friday, to get some on Track experience on the new Yamaha.
The only time Olie had ridden at Donington before the meeting was on a very cold and SNOWY test day on his 400, so he new he had to learn the circuit before getting his head down. Free practice and qualifying went without incident, but quickly, and Olie qualified on the 4th row of the grid in 16th place.
He improved his times during the race days 10 min warm up, being 14th fastest, and after a break was ready for the race start.
A start line crash involving 3 front row riders meant that all those behind had to pick their way through, and riding smoothly and with style Olie pushed his way up to 12th.
However in the last three laps, back-markers started to hold up the riders in the points, and Olie conceded two positions, finishing in a points scoring 14th place.
The team are now getting ready for the Easter meeting at Thruxton- another track to learn!

Brands bad luck strikes again for Olie-28/03/2006

After the anticipation and preparation leading up to the Official Test week-end at Snetterton, Olie was wound up and ready to go at the opening round of his 2006 season, riding at Brands Indy circuit in the Virgin Yamaha R6 cup BSB support round.
Saturday was damp and later turned to rain, and qualifying in 17th place was not the start he wanted.
This was the first time Olie had rode at a meeting since his bad crash at the same circuit in October, and understandably the Flitwick Hanson team were nervous.
It was decided that Olie would try and get his head down in the opening lap, and we knew that fighting through the pack was on the cards if he had any hope of a reasonable result. He had previously gone faster on his Yamaha Supersport 400, so we knew it was a "head" thing.
The start of the race saw Olie pass several riders, but at Paddock bends he had to cut in on the inside, and it was too close for comfort- Olie clipped fairings with another rider, and he was down - a DNF in the first round!
A very frustrated and disappointed Olie was seen "kicking sand"- and a rather crumpled R6 returned to Rob Macs tent for repairs!
On interviewing Olie Channel five asked him "how do you feel now?" Olie replied "a bit of an idiot- but my season starts at Donnington!"
Olie is to test at Cadwell and Silverstone before the next meeting- he might be down, but he's very much not out!
Keep watching this site for updates as they unfold.

Olie completes first official testing on Virgin Mobile R6 Cup bike-20/03/2006

Olie began the season with the official test weekend at Snetterton Race circuit, in Norfolk, 18/18th March.

The official launch of the 2006 Virgin Mobile Yamaha R6 Cup line up was introduced by Fred Clarke, BSB commentator, with the riders in the 2006 series choosing the bike they will ride in the series, meeting the technicians and organisers and riding the Yamaha for the first time in racing trim! A riders briefing by Rob McElnea gave the new riders an insight in what was expected, following an official photocall. Expect to see Olies picture on the newly launched Yamaha Virgin Moble Cup we site shortly.

The Sunday morning test session saw all the riders getting to grips with their new R6R virgin mobile Yamahas'. although one or two riders didn't make it around the first lap!.
Olie allowed himself time to get used to the differences from the 400 Yamaha of 2005,scrubbed the tyres in, leaving himself plenty to try out for the afternoons session.
By the end of the second and last test, he had begun to get his head down. The verdict is "the bike is awesome, and I can't wait for Brands next week-end!"

The weekend was the official test weekend for the BSB series, and an important date in our race calander.

The series will be followed by channel five for the series of "natural born racers", and each of the 2006 races will be shown on Sky sports, so expect to see Olies smiling face more often!

First race week-end of Olies season is 25th/26th March, Brands Hatch Indy circuit- watch out for updates as they unfold, and hang onto your hats!

Olie rides in the 2006 Virgin Mobile Yamaha cup-26/01/2006

We are delighted to announce that Olie, our rider, has been accepted to ride in the 2006 Virgin mobile R6 cup championship.
This series has proven to be a genuine breeding ground for the UK racing stars of the future, and is a major part of the British Superbike championship racing week-end.
The championship is a way for young riders to showcase their talents at the most prestigious domestic series in the world!
Olie will ride a 2006 Yamaha R6R race prepared by Rob McElnea racing, under the Flitwick mtorcycles Hanson racing banner.
We would like to thank the following sponsors who have confirmed support for this season- without them it wouldn't be possible

Hanson Building products
Wheeler Electrical Ampthill
Oxtar boots
Shoei Helmets with Feridax U.K
Held gloves
Hans Lingle(UK) Ltd

Keep watching the racing news section for updates as they unfold.

Start line Crash for Olie at Brands hatch-24/10/2005

Olie Linsdell, the Flitwick Motorcycles Hanson backed rider, had a lucky escape when he crashed heavily during the opening yards of the first Sunday MRO Brands Hatch 400 supersport race, and sustained a nasty knock to the head from another machine.

After a qualifying on Pole, and with a third place in Saturdays Sprint race on the 15th October, Olie, riding the Flitwick Motorcycles Hanson Racing Yamaha FZR400 was keyed up and ready for the off for the two final races of the Season.
2005 had been dogged with dissapointment and disaster, an engine blow up early in the year, clutch problems and the crash at Knockhill resulting in Olies broken hand and scaphoid had all added up to push the talented 17 year old from 4th down to 8th in the championship.
A return at Lydden to test the waters was encouraging, with a third palce and fastest lap, and Olie and the Hanson team were hoping for a better end to the season.
Lining up on the grid following the lap of honour for Chris Jones, the front runners were all in pensive mood- emotions were running high, and an over enthusiastic start meant that the grid was reformed for a second time.
At last the lights turned to green, and Olie and the other front line starters pulled away. It was at this point that another rider clipped the Yamahas rear wheel, causing Olie to fall heavily , hitting his head.

This type of start line crash is always the one that every rider dreads- as Olie lay knocked out on the track, another rider could not avoid hitting him, and Olies head was struck hard a second time, knocking him out again.

Olie was rushed to Queeen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup, where he was placed on a life support machine whilst his injuries were assessed.Xrays and a CT scan showed that by some miracle major injuries had been avoided, and the doctors were able to place him in special care.
Some 48 hours later his relieved Mother brought him home from the hospital , and some 72 hours later he was finally able to keep his eyes open for more than a few minutes at a time.

He is now recuperating at home with only a light headache to show for his lucky escape, joining his Father Steve in the "Westoning sick bay", who is of course still nursing his broken foot!

Carole, Steve, and all the team wish to thank everyone for their kind wishes and messages of support during the past few weeks, and all the family are looking forward to a better 2006 season.

Steve injured at Snetterton- updated 26.01.05

Whilst racing at Snetterton Circuit,in Norfolk, on Sunday 2nd October, aboard the Paton 500, Steve Linsdell, Flitwick Motorcycles owner, sustained serious ankle and foot injuries, following an accident involving another rider.
Steve was on the overtaking line, on the entrance to Coram curve. The other rider lost control of his machine, which then crashed heavily into the Paton, leaving Steve nowhere to go but down.
It is believed that the Paton was flipped over, possibly trapping his foot as he fell.
Steve was taken to Norwich Hospital, and had had the first of several planned operations, to stabilise his foot. Two more procedures, including a skin graft,pinning and plating are scheduled this week.
We will keep the site updated as news unfolds.


Update 10.10.05

Following his big op on Thurday, Steve was rushed back in to Theatre on Friday, having developed blood clots in the rejoined arteries to the Skin Graft.
After a further 3 hours, the fantastic Surgical team managed to unclog, and save the Graft.
Steve is now slowly making a recovery in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, and is receiving visitors.
I would personally like to thank you all for your amazing messages of Support, as does Steve.
Updates will follow.


Further update 24.10.05

As you may see from the other Racing news the Linsdell "luck" took another blow when Olie crashed at Brands Indy Circuit. The good news is that both Father and Son are now recuperating at home, and although Steves injuries mean a slow recovery, both are doing fine.
A ceremonial burning of £2000+ worth of very fine MJK Leathers may follow in due course, having been cut from both at the respective Hospitals on arrival!
Thanks to all of you once again for your fantastic support, and the many flowers that fill our vases- much appreciated.

N.B Olie is now doing fine, and is back to College. 28.11.05

update 06.12.2005

A quick update on Steves progress.

Following an x-ray late November, Steve was disappointed when the doctors advised they are unable to remove the external fixators from his foot just yet. The bones are growing, but not enough to make a union yet. We are back at the Hospital on 23rd December, and are hoping for better news then- we will keep you posted.


Update 23.12.05

Back to the hospital today, and we were delighted that they decided to remove the external fixators.
So with the assistance of a large(ish) dosing of Entanox, the metal work was removed!
It will be a further six weeks before Steve has a fresh X-ray, and he must use a "Pneumatic" support boot when out and about, and only put a bit of weight on his foot, but what a joy to be able to sleep normally!
The other good news is that the bones are well on their way to making a full union, so it is now unlikely that a bone graft will be nescessary.
So an early Christmas present for the linsdells-
Happy Christmas to you all, see you in the new year.


Update 26.01.06

A quick update. Steve is now walking with the aid of sticks, but still wearing the support boot- however he is hoping on his return to Hospital on the 3rd February that the Doctors will decide the bones have joined, and the boot can be discarded.
Physio and excercise is beginning to help ankle movement, so Steve is able to do a bit more.
Will update after the Hospital visit.

Dissapointing news at todays x-ray, the bones are not yet knitted, so another six week wait.


Flitwick rider Olie rides at Brands- 11/10/2005

font color='#0000FF'>Olie Linsdell, the Hanson building products and Flitwick Motorcycles supported rider will be back in action this week-end (14th-16th October )at the Brands Hatch Indy circuit, for the final round of the prestigious MRO Supersport 400 championship.
Following his accident at Knockhill, where he had a bad hand break, Olie has worked hard to regain the strength needed to compete competitively. He warmed up for this round at the llyden circuit (see seperate article) where he proved that he's still got what it takes.
This despite the fact that his Father, Steve Linsdell was badly injured at Snetterton circuit on the 2nd October.
Steve hopes to be out of Hospital before Olie races, but will be unable to attend the meeting, but the plucky 17 year old will be trying hard to make his Dad proud.
Watch this space for the results, or why not come along and cheer him on?

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