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Flitwick motorcycles have a long association with the racing world. Steve Linsdell, owner has raced motorcycles on the track and road since 1979, specialising in more recent years at the challenging Isle of Man  Manx Grand Prix road races.

We have been proud to sponsor many riders over the years including Matt Llewellyn, Nigel "Cap" Davies, and Fernando Mendes .

Olie Linsdell, 27 year old son of Steve and Carole currently competes under the Flitwick Motorcycles banner,  competing at top level in the the major Road races, North West 200, Isle of man TT, and Ulster Grand Prix.

In 2007, At the age of only 19, he took his first win at the North West 200, and two decisive wins at his Debut at the Manx Grand prix, on the challenging TT circuit. He also holds the world record for the biggest winning margin on the Island circuit.

For 2016, we continue our support of Olie, who will compete in both classic and selected modern races, under the Umbrella of Team Flitwick Motorcycles.

25 year old David Linsdell, Steve and Caroles' youngest Son competes with the Classic Motorcycle Club, and for 2016 will ride a Camier framed 500 Yamaha.


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With top three placing and lap records at previous CRMC meetings on the fabulous Paton, Olie was fired up and determined to lead the way home at the prestigious King of Brands meeting 7th/8th July.
Arriving on Friday afternoon to meet Steve and brother David (who was making his race debut aboard the Seely Enfield 500…) he was determined take some wins in arguably the clubs biggest meeting of the year.
Feeling very confident of a good result, Olie certainly had the pace, taking lap records at the past 2 meetings, and he just needed to work on getting up to pace quickly in the first few laps to try and stop Lea Gourlay doing his amazing disappearing acts!

Friday night was to be an eventful one with a lot of work still to do on the bike.
The team camped overnight, and over a glass of wine had quite a chat to Andy Molnar of Molnar Precision. This cumulated in Andy and Kim, his partner, offering Olie a ride on the best 350 Manx Norton in the country the next day. After such a sustained period of grotty weather we hoped for some sunshine over the weekend!

The gods were smiling on Brands on Saturday morning, dawning bright and hot just in time for Helen and Carole to arrive and make the tea! Practice went well with gearing set up on the Paton, and Olie getting a feel of the 350 that he was planned to race that afternoon!
The first race was to be the IHRO (International Historic Racing Organisation) on the Paton- an extra race to the season so far. These races are still push starts so Olie was very nervous- he's renowned for his inability to bump start bikes on his own…
Given second place on the grid, with a lovely uphill push, the flag dropped and Olie failed to get the Paton to fire,so the race was over before it had even started. Our rider was very, very angry at himself..

The second race was the first of the club races, and Olie finished in third position behind Mike Smith and Lea, with his mind really not right and still angry with himself for the recent failure in the IHRO. Lap times at 53.6s were encouraging though, being faster than Smith and only marginally slower than Gourlay, even though they had already done quite a few races that day. Race 16 was the 350class on the molnar Manx. As Olie had never ridden in this class before, he was to start from 33rd on the grid and had a lot of work to do. The bike handled so well and was a lot of fun to ride, Olie managed to push hard on a bike that he only had 5 laps experience on, and worked up to sixth,overtaking 27 riders and lapping only half a second slower than the established riders like Gourlay at 55.7s.
Another bike to ride at a classic meeting is a good idea just to get more track time and experience on the older style tyres. So a big thank you needs to go out to Andy Molnar for the loan of his lovely machine.

The last race of the day would be the second Norton Owners Club on the Paton. Determined to stick with Gourlay and make a better job of getting through the backmarkers (some of which we would lap every 3 laps…) the Flitwick Flyer got a good start and slotted into second behind Lea. The race was a close one; Olie managed to hang onto the Manx Norton and Lea, with second the end result, only half a second behind. He knew he could do it on the Sunday!

Olie claims he had a surprisingly good nights sleep in the tent, having been ousted from the truck by Mum, and was raring to go in the morning- Dad Steve had risen before 7.00 to repair a broken part on the Paton, and change the wheels and tyres- Olie rose over an hour later, and got a tongue lashing by the hard working Steve!
Once again the first race was the IHRO. Having had half an hour's practice bump starting in the morning (complete with a paddock audience) Olie went into the race in a much better frame of mind. Starting from 26th on the grid, due to the DNF in the first race, Olie was relieved to manage a good start (practice makes perfect) and set about catching Smith and Gourlay. He posted a 53.08s lap on the final lap, but had to settle for 3rd, having passed 23 riders on his way...

We knew as Olie lined up on the grid for the first Norton Owners club race that this was his best chance yet of a victory. Getting a great start he hung onto Gourlay like a limpet, as they upped the pace to a new level. Pushing really hard he cut through the slower riders better than Lea, both leaving Mike Smith some way back by this stage. Making his move 3 laps from home, Olie passed Lea to take the lead, only to get caught by a slower rider coming out of clearways and Lea re-passed.
The two leaders started the last lap absolutely together and Olie made his mind up that it was either win or crash- he could sniff victory! Entering paddock so hot that even he was surprised to get round, he was close enough for an overtaking lunge, passing Lea at Druids with a very hard but fair move. The race was one of the most exciting of the year, and Olies supporters standing on Paddock hill could hardly bear to watch as he kept his head down to win by 4/10ths and our Paton’s first in Britain!
To top it off Olie also set the new club lap record at 52.739 on the last lap.

There was still the prestigious ‘King of Brands’ Trophy race to go, and understandably the team were confident that Olie was in with a shout.
The trophy was originally the countries biggest race and has been handed out since the 50’s with the names of all winners gracing the Kentagon restaurant ceiling! Lea had been the victor for the past 2 years.
On championship positions to date Olie was 2nd on the grid. Another good start saw him once again tuck in behind Lea who then tried to break our rider early on- both wanted this Trophy very badly. The race is sponsored by Summerfield engineering, who are Leas personal sponsors and owners of his fantastic Manx Norton, so Lea did not want Olie stealing the win!
Riding superbly, Olie made his move on lap four and was never headed, with the winning margin being over 4 seconds and with it another lap record at 52.593!
Over the moon to receive the Trophy, and to have his name alongside some of motorcycling’s greats, Olie was also at 19 years of age the trophies youngest ever victor!

Returning to the Hanson team truck and awning in the paddock, Olie was elated, proud and very tired, having had a very busy couple of days, so we forgive him for only managing a third in the last race of the day.
Overall we had a brilliant weekend with 6 podiums including 2 wins from 6 starts. Olie also took the lead in the National championship for the first time this year, heading the championship by 4 points from Smith. We believe we also we set a new record for supporters over the weekend, with over 15 people in the Hanson Building products truck awning on Sunday. We nearly ran out of tea bags! It was great to see so many of you waving from Paddock Hill Bank on the warm down lap. Special thank you’s need to go out to Andy Molnar for the use of his 350, Roger Winfield for the loan of his silencers (we are still experimenting with noise reduction...), and Mervyn and Sharpy for their hard work and support.
We have finally gone some way to pay Giovanni and Roberto back for their patience and supply of the bikes, a win at last and hopefully it’s the first of many!
The next outing is again at Brands – this time the wonderful GP circuit on 21st/22nd July aboard the wheeler electrical 675. It is a circuit that Olie loves, and it definitely suits his riding style. Hope to see some of you there! The more the merrier- we've restocked on Tea!

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